Railroad Degree Hosted by Spencer Lodge 543

Railroad Degree Flyer.JPG

4 thoughts on “Railroad Degree Hosted by Spencer Lodge 543

  1. Dear Bro Hill, I am a master mason from the UK and I visit NC regularly as my son and his family live in Cary. I am currently researching the impact of the railways (to use the British vernacular) on freemasonry and vice verse and I was intrigued to learn of the railroad degree. Please could you send me an explanation.
    Fraternal greetings from across the pond
    W.Bro Kerrion Marsh Ashmole of Lichfield Lodge due 8405
    E.mail Kerrion.marsh@virgin.net

    • Hello Bro. Marsh. Good to hear from you! I have not had the privilege of attending such a degree myself. I will ask some of my Lodge brothers and see if I can get some background information. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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