Lodge History

History of Union Lodge #618

Midland Lodge #618 received dispensation December 3, 1914 and was chartered  January 20, 1915.

Unionville Lodge #632 received dispensation January 24, 1916 and was chartered  January 17, 1917.

Due to difficult economic conditions it became necessary for Unionville #632 and Midland #618 to merge into one body in order to survive. By taking Union name from the Unionville Lodge and  #618 from the Midland Lodge, the new name became Union #618.  The merger was completed on December 7, 1929, written in ink on the original Midland Charter that is still used in the Lodge today. It also states on the Charter, no new Charter would be issued.

The officers  when the new Lodge was formed were: W.B. Long  Master, A.P. Widenhouse Secretary, Charles Long Senior Deacon, Don Haigler Junior Deacon, Bain Green Treasurer and “Buck” Pope, Tyler.

Brother J. G. Hudson, from Salisbury N.C., was the DDGM and in charge when forming the new Lodge. He later became Grand Master of Masons in North Carolina.

Members of Midland Lodge present at the forming of the new Union Lodge were: A.P. Widenhouse, J.P. Hartsell, J.K. Eaves, Bain Green, Bost Green, John Sossoman (MD), Roland Brooks, Roy Barrett,  and a visitor from Canada by the name of Bicket, no first name was mentioned in the minutes.

Shortly after the new lodge was formed, the economic depression took place and again the survival of the Lodge was in doubt. Membership declined rapidly  due to members not being able to pay their annual dues of $0.50.  To save the Lodge, Brother Baxter Long came forward with a proposition that he would pledge his and his son Charles’ dues for the present year and one year in  advance. Others who helped were Dr. J.C. Sossamon and Bain Green. Bost Green cancelled the rent payment for the Lodge Building. Once again, the Lodge was spared.

Original Lodge Building at 4410 Kingsbury Dr. Midland. Structure originally had no Electricity and was heated with scrap wood  from a wood products mill across the Railroad from the Lodge. Light was from Oil Lamps. This building was used by the Lodge until 1955. Pictured below as it appears today and is still in use.

Next Lodge Building at the Cross Roads of Highways NC 24/27 and US 601 This building was used as the Lodge from 1955 until January, 2005.

Present Lodge Building at 9650 US 601 Midland, N.C. This Building opened in January, 2005 Dedicated August 12, 2006

Cornerstone of new Building

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5. Article and pictures by Robert Little
6. Edited by Roger Darrell Long P.M. Dated August 13, 2012

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