Our 2019 Officers…


Front row, left to right…

WB John Nash (Junior Deacon), Thomas Hill (Junior Warden), Dan Johnson (Master), Dustin Grooms (Senior Warden), WB Tom Little (Tyler).

Back row, left to right…

Robert Little (Treasurer), Joshua Ayers (Senior Deacon), WB Tommy Nash (Secretary), WB Doug Martin (Chaplain), Cody Gann (Senior Steward), Sam Keeney (Junior Steward)



6 thoughts on “Officers

  1. I am the grandson of Franklin Dwight Mitchell,by his daughter,Alice Elaine Mitchell.He’s ailing…We love him so much…Hope that you put him in your prayers.Thank you,good luck,

    Marvin Ronnie Baker Jr.

    • Hello Marvin,

      I have known your grandfather since 1972. I grew up on Pioneer Mill Road and used to haul hay for him. I am sad that he is ailing. He has lived an upright and honorable life and you should be very proud of him!

  2. Hello,
    My Great grandfather Oliver Brown Furr was a member mason at your lodge. He died on Thursdsay, December 24, 1953, and a graveside service was conducted two days later by masons from your lodge. It is my understanding that he lived a morally outstanding life. Do you have any records of him, like a mason’s mark, the degree he attained, or what was said of him at his graveside service at Mill Grove Methodist?
    Thank you,
    William Furr

    • William,

      Sorry for the delayed response. I overlooked your message and I regret that.

      I will forward your request to the lodge secretary so he can get the info you requested.

      Thank you!

      Thomas Hill

    • Mr. Furr, please email me(, so I can reply directly to you. Thanks. Darrell

  3. Mr. Furr, please email me(, so I can reply directly to you. Thanks. Darrell

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