Officers For 2017

Treasurer, Robert L. Little;  Senior Warden, John R. Nash;  Master, David G. Nash;  Junior Warden, Daniel B. Johnson;  Senior Deacon, Dustin S. Grooms.     Second Row left to right:  Secretary, Thomas L. Nash, Jr., PM;  Chaplain, Douglas E. Martin, PM;  Tyler, Thomas M. Little, PM;  Junior Deacon, Nicholas M. Stancil;  Steward, Mitchell A. Elliott, PM.



6 thoughts on “Officers

  1. I am the grandson of Franklin Dwight Mitchell,by his daughter,Alice Elaine Mitchell.He’s ailing…We love him so much…Hope that you put him in your prayers.Thank you,good luck,

    Marvin Ronnie Baker Jr.

    • Hello Marvin,

      I have known your grandfather since 1972. I grew up on Pioneer Mill Road and used to haul hay for him. I am sad that he is ailing. He has lived an upright and honorable life and you should be very proud of him!

  2. Hello,
    My Great grandfather Oliver Brown Furr was a member mason at your lodge. He died on Thursdsay, December 24, 1953, and a graveside service was conducted two days later by masons from your lodge. It is my understanding that he lived a morally outstanding life. Do you have any records of him, like a mason’s mark, the degree he attained, or what was said of him at his graveside service at Mill Grove Methodist?
    Thank you,
    William Furr

    • William,

      Sorry for the delayed response. I overlooked your message and I regret that.

      I will forward your request to the lodge secretary so he can get the info you requested.

      Thank you!

      Thomas Hill

    • Mr. Furr, please email me(, so I can reply directly to you. Thanks. Darrell

  3. Mr. Furr, please email me(, so I can reply directly to you. Thanks. Darrell

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