Our New Costumes

Editors note: The words below are from our Secretary, WB Darrell Long…

The occasion was a Master Mason Degree on September 30, 2010, at Union #618 at which three brothers were Raised; and which was the debut of the new Second Section costuming that WB Bobby Burgess personally created for the lodge–he actually made all of the costumes himself, and did a great job.

It really brought back some truly sad feelings and a real lump in my throat when I opened up the edition of the of the North Carolina Mason that I received today, and saw the picture you included of the “New costumes at Union.”  One of the brothers pictured(next to last row, second from the left) was a very well-liked brother(David Oliver Harmon) who lost his life in a tragic accident(an eighteen-wheeler pulled directly across his path at an intersection on US29 outside of Concord) on his motorcycle on November 2, 2010.  Although a sad memory of the loss, a wonderful memory of Brother David that I am sure many of the Union #618 brethren will enjoy when they open up this edition.

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