A Masonic Declaration Of Independence

“The Rise Of Freemasonry In North Carolina” by E. W. Timberlake Jr.

The link above takes you to an interesting article that mentions the N.C. lodges and their declaration of independence from the Grand Lodge of England.  Below is an excerpt containing their official declaration…

“The Great Architect of the Universe having permitted a dissolution of the political bands which united North Carolina to Great Britain, propriety seemed to point out that the lodges of this State should not remain longer under any allegiance to or dependence on the Grand Lodge or Grand Master of that Kingdom. In 5786 the Union Lodge, of Fayetteville, being advised thereto by a number of visiting brothers from the different parts of the State, proposed that a convention of all the regularly constituted lodges of North Carolina should be held at Fayetteville, on the 24th of June, 5787 (AD 1787), to take under consideration the propriety of declaring by a solemn act the independence of the lodges of North Carolina, and to appoint a State Grand Master and other Grand officers. The great distance to and small intercourse between the different parts of this extensive State having prevented a sufficient number of delegates from attending, the convention adjourned to the town of Tarborough, on the 9th of December following, when the (Masonic) declaration of independence took place, and a form of government was adopted. The Most Worshipful Samuel Johnston having been appointed Grand Master, and the Right Worshipful Richard Caswell (then Governor of this State), Deputy Grand Master, the first Grand Lodge was held on the following day.”

Another interesting part was the fact that there used to be a Union Lodge in Fayetteville. It is now Phoenix Lodge.

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