How Solid Is Your Foundation?

Written by Juan Sepulveda…

Freemasonry is rich with allegories that originate from the Operative Mason Guilds of antiquity. It effectively illustrates how the development of our Life can be compared to the erection of a building.

The successful construction of a beautiful Temple is comprised of many components and the masterful coordination of those who labor in its construction. The Master Builder, who oversees the higher levels of the project, has a vision, which evolves from his original conceptual drawings, to the final designs communicated on his Trestle Board.

The evolution of that design, the artful collaboration of the workers and the finished Temple are at the mercy of the elements through the ages. But there is one component of the building, upon which all the rest depend. The Foundation.

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2 thoughts on “How Solid Is Your Foundation?

  1. Fraternal Greetings Brothers of Union Lodge.
    May the Light of the Great Architect of the Universe shine upon you and grand you many blessings. Thank you for sharing my Masonic Podcast with the Brethren. I hope you find it enjoyable.

    Bro:. Juan One Sepulveda, Producer of TheWindingStairs

  2. You are most welcome, Brother Juan! Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for our fellow Masons. It is my privilege to share your work with my Lodge and local brothers…

    Thomas Hill
    Webmaster, Union Lodge 618

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