Where is your courage?



From The Winding Stairs podcast…


Where is your Courage?

On this episode we discuss Courage and how to be more courageous. Learn about the 5 places you can look to increase your courage.

Not everything in life comes easy to us. There are many things that are difficult and sometimes downright intimidating. When we face these things which intimidate us, our default reaction might be to avoid them and engage in other things. Although this might be a natural reaction or an instinctual response, it does not always serve its intended purpose. If we think about human evolution, we can understand that the spirit of self-preservation would have moved primitive humans to avoid overly dangerous or challenging situations. However, in today’s world we retain that instinctive inclination to find the path of least resistance, even when that path would lead away from reaching our dreams and achieving those things we desire the most.


Read more via The Winding Stairs – TWS005 The Winding Stairs Podcast Episode 5 – Where is your courage? – Blubrry Podcast Community.

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