Our Temple Has Suffered Damage


The weight of the snow that we had a couple of weeks ago has significantly affected the structure of our Masonic Temple, and it was not discovered until Sunday.  We have reported it to the insurance company, and the adjuster has visited the site.  The adjuster is greatly concerned about our damage because a similar structure collapsed in Gastonia.  A building engineer will be conducting his inspection Thursday morning, and until we receive information from that inspection, we do not know how safe the facility is for use.

The Square and Compasses. The symbols employed...

Cabarrus Lodge has been contacted because they have a Second Degree scheduled for this Thursday
night which is going to be postponed.  The facilities will be in
disarray from the inspection whether or not it is safe for use
ceiling tiles down for access to the overhead, etc.  We will know nothing until Thursday afternoon at the earliest.

access to the interior of the building is possible, and not a lot of
damage is visible, please refrain from performing your own inspection!
We still do not know about the safety of the structure.
  Don’t let your curiosity get the best of you.  When I have some meaningful information to pass alongagain, Thursday afternoon at the earliest, and maybe not even then–I will send another email.


R. Darrell Long, PM, Secretary

Union Masonic Lodge #618

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