Masonic History Meets A Digital Present


Enjoy North Carolina’s rich Masonic history on-line by visiting the Grand Lodge of North Carolina’s page on DigitalNC.

Materials dating back to the 1700’s including old working tools, pictures, newsletters and more await your visit.

Our state’s rich heritage is only a click away…

2 thoughts on “Masonic History Meets A Digital Present

  1. Brother Thomas,

    I was preparing to send out the information in your email when I noticed a minor typo in the post you made. I knew you would want to correct it—if you haven’t already—before I sent out your email. I will do that as soon as you let me know that you have made the correction.

    Thanks, Brother

    • Brother, I must be overlooking the typo (Can’t see the forest for the trees). Are you referring to the email with my critique of the lodge page on the GL site or this website post?

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